1.  Title data has been arranged by author.
2.  If there is a co-author the name that appears in the  
     alphabet first will be mentioned first, there will be an
     exception if there is a collection of books with several
     authors in which the same name will appear each time.
3.  Each title has a title code, which is made up from the
     first 4 letters of the author's name a differential letter  
     and a serial number.
4.  A publication is first mentioned under the name of the
     author, if this name is not available then it will be posted
     under the name of the company,editor, governing board
     or anonymously  (ZZNN), or as Unknown (ZZZZZ).
5.  The code in the title code not only include the books but
     also articles. In the records some numbers of books
     are absent because the numbers are meant to
     reference to the articles in illustrated magazines.
6.  I strive to have the lowest number accompany the
    oldest file, but this can not be done succesfully because
    of the massive amount of data.
7.   Colour code of the title code:
     - orange      -only title data
     - yellow       -low resolution image of the cover
     - white         -high resolution image of the cover
     - black         -no link
8.  The terms that have been commented, with an
     illustration, originate from the book " Terminology of
     the comic strip" (2003) in Dutch language, which is in
     own management.
9.  Webpage settings.
     This site can be best viewed with a display resolution
     of  1280 x 960 pixels.